Friday, February 6, 2009


Every weekend, there is a strict adherence followed at my home. I cook pathiya samaiyal (saatvik khana) either on Saturday or Sunday to give bowel a rest after tackling the whole week’s heaviness. Even though I concentrate more on healthy dishes during weekdays, I could not resist hubby dear eating burgers and bondas for evening snacks (his office caterer is Chennai’s famous Saravana Bhavan and Ananda Bhavan, thatz a different thing). Hence, I make it a point to prepare pathiya samaiyal during weekends in concern over hubby dear’s healthiness and give taste buds a change from the regular masala items.

Last weekend, I was very much occupied with house chores, official work (I took the option of work from home after delivery), and kid’s naughtiness, I could not spend much time for cooking but I don’t want to give up my routine. My mind quickly struck at this recipe and I tried it without any second thought. Believe me, this came out wonderful. I got the whole credits from hubby dear!!

Without boring you, let me go for the recipe now.


Cooked Rice - 2 cups

Fresh curry leaves – 2 cups

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Urad dal – 5 tsp

Red chilies – 10 (Adjust according to your spiciness level)

Tamarind pulp – 1 amla size

Asafoetida – a small piece

Salt – to taste

Ghee/oil – As required


· Cook rice in pressure cooker, spread in a plate and allow it to cool.

· Heat pan with little oil, throw mustard seeds and when it splutters, add asafoetida and urad dal. When urad dal becomes light brown in color add red chilies and fry for some seconds.

· Now grind this along with the curry leaves, salt, and tumeric pulp coarsely.

· Add this mixture to the cooked rice and mix well. Add ghee if required. Tastes best when little ghee (1 tsp) is added.

· Serve hot with any side dish of your choice. Pappads suits best with this.

Oh my friends, I have not yet finished.

Viki and Malar have honored me with Good Chat Blog award. It’s a nice feeling when someone remembers us only with our writings and recipes. Thanks a ton to both for remembering me and passing the award.

I would like to pass this award to Adlak’s, Mahimaa, and Jeyashri Suresh. I think most of you people will be knowing that Adlak’s is my Manni (cousin brother’s wife) and she only intro’d me to this wonderful blogging world. Now, blogging has made a huge difference in me. I should be thankful to her ever and as a matter of reciprocation I would like to honor her with this Good Chat Blog award.

Mahimaa, needless to say, is a wonderful person who helps me in clearing even small doubts I have even in her busy schedules…Thanks Mahi and hope we will continue our chatting ever!!!

Jeyashri Suresh. I strongly felt that this award should be passed to JS. Even though she has not yet started posting her recipes, she takes time to comment each and everyone recipes by her motivating comments and nice tips.. JS, keep up your good work and hope I will see you starting your own recipes soon…..


Viki Xavier. said...

Learning a lot from ur routine samayal da. Thanks for sharing such a nice authentic recipe... yes, our country has a lot of native recipes like this but not recognized much.
Burgers and pizzas ruining us.. we guys falling prey for those , esp myself a lot:) I will try to follow ur meal schedule from this week .(can u pls explain what it means.. Saatvik khana...I m eager )
Expecting a lot like this from u.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

karuvepilai saadham is very tempting.. i even thought for a second to make it right away for lunch now :-) but you know what, i am trying to cut down on rice :-(

thank you so much for the award and yes... i also hope to be friends with you forever!

meeso said...

I love the flavor of curry leaves, this is the perfect rice for me!

Uma said...

mmm. curry leaves rice looks so mouth-watering. But I think you forgot to give the amount of rice to be used in the ingredients list! Congrats on the award. Wishing you many more!

Vidhya said...

congratulations on your award. Well coming to the recipe, I love this curry leaves rice. I make this very often cos of the hair loss in USA...

sriharivatsan said...

Thanks Viki, Meeso, Mahi, and Vidhya for your lovely comments.

Thanks Uma, now i had included the amount of cooked rice. Tx for letting me know..

sriharivatsan said...
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Adlak's tiny world said...

Oh my my thank you so much for the lovely words dear... i jus introduced but u r developing so well n beautiful my darling..

Thank u once again for the award. it mean a lot to me.

jeyashrisuresh said...

Very long time back i made this .thanks for reminding.We too prefer mostly healthy food and depp fried items will be in the menu oce in 15 days.
Thank you sooomuch for the award.It's my pleasure to comment on visit ur blog.I have a passion towards hubby is insisting me to start a blog.But i'm lit bit lazy u know.Thank u so much dear.

Neha said...

Congrats for urs award..
Never thought so much curry leaves could be added to any dish, though i like its flavour..,should give it a try..

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow...I bet it was aromatic feast! Love the curry leavs flavour...miss it so much. I don't have any Indian store nearby...

Sounds nice atleast one day saathvik food!

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Looks yummy! Curry leaves are my favorite. Will sure try this one!

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

I have a doubt though should i grind it by adding little water or is it like a powder that we add it to the rice?

SriLekha said...

recipe looks yum 'n' delicious!
join with us in the EFM -Microwave Oven Series!

Sanctified Spaces said...

My mom makes this regularly.Thanx for documenting this on your post.

Anonymous said...

Sadam looks so delicious dear.. So tempting snap...Never made this ..Have to give a try for sure ..

Yasmeen said...

Flavorful and healthy,any green dish is my instant favorite.congrats on your awards.You certainly are doing a great job,blogging,working and a little one to take care of:)

AnuSriram said...

Wow.. thats a lovely colour. Delicious recipe! Congrats on ur awards.

n33ma said...

This is so new to me......looks nice and since its healthy its a good option.

rekhas kitchen said...

nice color and very helthy too

Nags said...

my sis makes amazing curry leaves sadham :) nice recipe this one too!

DEESHA said...

I need to try this .. sounds very tasty

viji said...

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Vidya said...

You are absolutely right about allowing our body to cleanse at least once a week. Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe.

First time here. Loved your writing style. Will be visiting again for sure.