Sunday, April 16, 2017

PUMPKIN CAPCISUM PULI KUZHAMBU - Colorful and delightful combo

Staying away from home on business assignment and having a short break from my usual activities.  

Sometimes the best therapy that you could give for yourself is to take a break from your regular routine and explore the unexplored things in life.  When I stay away from home, I definitely miss family, that is for sure and there is no doubt in it but I enjoy this solace at times.  There is no rush and compulsion involved now; be it in cooking, getting up early for the regular chores, rushing back home to attend my duties or comfort people by giving a fake smile when going through some hard time.  Here I am all alone,  there is no one to check if I am okay, no one to check how my day was, and living a life with no holds barred.   When I get back home after the short break, I have always observed that I would be fully energetic.  I would be treated special by everyone; DH would make tea for me, Jr. H would keep his books/toys arranged properly in shelf, friends would eagerly be waiting to catch up on the missed fun, family get-togethers,  and a lot and lot more tiny things which I will start seeing newly and maybe these could be some reasons I like to be distant from my routine world at times. 

DH and Jr. H are very cooperative during my travels and they are managing the house perfectly.  I was bit concerned earlier on how Jr. H would manage on settlement in his new school as I would be away from home but to my surprise my little boy is settling very well.  He is gaining popularity among teachers and students by his ever smiling nature.  He is sending me the filled in worksheets and assignments and not to miss his appreciations from teachers.  Thank God, I am quite relieved about it now. 

Moving on to today's post, this is one of a long pending post from draft which caught my eye sight today because I miss eating spicy things here.  Even at Indian restaurants, the feel the hotness is not as like at my home.  I am just satisfying my taste buds by looking at the pictures.  Pumpkin and capsicum compliments each other in color and taste.   The mild sweetness rendered from yellow pumpkin and the crunchy texture from green bellpepper goes very well when cooked in tamarind sauce with flavored spiced powder made from ground Indian spices.

Pumpkin - 200 g (cut in small tiny cubes)
Capsicum/ Bellpepper  - 1 (cut in small tiny cutes)
Tomato -1
Sambar Powder - 2 tablespoon (I prepare homemade powder but can also be brought from Indian store)
Salt  To taste
Tamarind water - 2 cups (Extracted from soaked tamarind pulp)
Oil - 2 tablespoon

To Temper:
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
Red chillis - 3 or 4
Curry leaves -few

1.  Soak tamarind pulp in warm water and extract the tamarind juice.  Can also be replaced by tamarind sauce.

2. In a heavy bottomed pan, heat oil and throw in the tempering items one by one followed by cubed capsicum and pumpkin dices.  Later add in tomato, salt, and sambar powder and mix well.

3.  Pour in the extracted tamarind pump, mix well, and let it boil until the raw smell goes and mixture gets thickens. When it boils, mix well with a ladle once in a while so that it wouldn't be burnt at the bottom. 

Can be mixed with rice with a teaspoon of gingelly oil and it would taste yummilicious.  

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