Sunday, June 5, 2016


Kulfi is a very popular frozen daily desert which has similarities to ice cream in appearance, however, it is denser and creamier.  It is considered to be a traditional Indian ice cream .  Unlike other ice creams, kulfi takes longer time to melt because of its density.  The mixture of dense evaporated milk is widely popular in Indian cuisine and there are many deserts made from that.  Kulfi gets a distinctive taste by evaporated sweetened and flavored milk by slow cooking process.

We moved to this home about 2.5 years back which is inside a gated community.  There is a small park and lawn and a lot of outer space for walking.  There are some benches where we can sit relax, talk, and have our nonsense laughter.  During weekends, the home would be filled in with guests from extended family mostly and after our dinner, we go down and chit chat and have our nonsense laughter.  Sometime the chats would extend up until 1 am as there is no urge to get up early in the morning.  There is a kulfi wala who sells kulfis after 10 o'clock at night and it would be finished in no time as soon as he arrived the spot.  We buy the kulfis on weekends and have it besides our sweet family talks. 

On evening when I was coming back from work, I was thinking to surprise the family with homemade kulfis.  This is the first time I am making at home and was not sure of the outcome, so I didn't reveal this to anyone at home.  I prepared this alongside with dinner and refrigerated it silently.  I eagerly opened the kulfi pots in the morning and was tickled on the outcome.
I served the kulfi on our night chit chats and the whole family was very surprised and didn't believed that I prepared it.  It tasted as equivalent as to that of the kulfi bought from kulfi wala.  First time I prepared a kulfi with almond pieces and next time I variated with almond and pistachios which increased the taste furthermore.  

Milk - 2 liters (serves 6 pots of kulfi)
Sugar - 3/4 cup heaped
cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Almond (Sliced or cut into small pieces) - as desired

1. Boil milk until it reduces to 3/4.    Keep stirring in between otherwise it will be burnt at the bottom.  I kept the milk in the induction stove in 1st flame, so it slowly boiled and got thickened and didn't get burnt as well.  
2.  Once it thickens to desired level, add cardomom powder, sugar, and later almond slices.  Mix well and boil for some more time. Switch of the flame and let it cools to normal temperature.  Pour it in kulfi molds or small pots.  Cover the matka pot with aluminum foil and refrigerate it continuously for 6-8 hours.  
3.  When serving, add some sliced almond pieces over the refrigerated kulfi which would invite you to taste it immediately.

Wanna to try a spoon of this yummylicious Kulfi :-)

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