Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sweet Kozhukattai/Modak (with coconut-jaggery stuffing)

As I have already mentioned, here's the sweet version of kozhukattai.  I made this on Vinayagar chaturthi and everything got finished before clicking the final pictures and I was waiting for the chance to make it during Navrathri.  I prepared this on Navrathri Friday and Jr. H was very tempted to grab his part as soon as the clicking is done!!  He kept on running into kitchen asking when would I complete the preparation, such a foodie just like me :-)....

Coconut - 1 cup
Jaggery - 3/4
Elachi powder - 2-3
For the outer layer of the kozhukattai, please refer Enthaligai-Kozhuttai outer layer.

1. In a kadai, heat jaggery with little water, once the jaggery is melted, add the coconut scraping and elachi powder.  The consistency of the filling should be such that it is enough to make balls. 
2. Make small cups out from the outer layer, fill it with coconut-jaggery stuffing, seal it and make it in a modak shape as shown in the picture.
3. Steam cook in idly plates for 10 minutes.  When it is done, allow it to cool for 2 minutes else it will break the kozhukkattais.   
4. The kozhukkattais will be shiny when it is done which would be tempting to eat.

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