Monday, April 6, 2015

Summer Special – Javvarisi Vadam/Sago Fryums

It’s very hot in Chennai and I want to make use of it in a positive way.  Every year, during this timeframe, I put Vadams and reserve for the whole year.  Being a working woman, I can do this work only on Weekends. 

When I write about this post, my mind switches back to my childhood days.  I started helping mom in this activity from my 5th grade.  Mom will do the preparation and I will join her in pouring vadams when I was at a beginner level.  After I have moved on to expert level, mom just gives the prepared stuff to me and I will put the vadams.  It was too early for a girl to involve in these tasks but I did because of my inquisitive nature.   I love trying out new things and this nature had given both positive and negative effects for me J.  Also I enjoyed doing this activity because I enjoyed eating vadams.  Nothing can beat the delicacy of vadams accompanied with rasam/sambar rice. 

I start the preparation around 6.30 AM and will prepare the stuff in 20 minutes.  By 7 AM, I go to terrace and pour the vadams and will come down before the sun shines bright. 

Javvarisi (Sago) – 4 cups
Oil – 3 tsp
Salt – To taste
Greenchillies – 12 to 14
Asafetida  - 1 tsp
Lemon – 2 Big size
Water – 2+16 cups

1. Soak Javvirisi overnight with two cups of water.  Ideally, the sago should have immersed in water.

2. Morning, the volume would have become double.

3. In a heavy bottomed vessel (I used my pressure cooker), add the javvarisi and 16 cups of water, add oil and salt.  Mix well with a ladle, keep in stove top.  Keep stirring every minute so that javvirisi is not burnt.

4.  Meanwhile, grind greenchillies with little salt and asafetida powder.  This can be done before keeping the javvarisi in stove top if you are a beginner.

5. After sometime (approximately 10-15 mins), the color of the javvarisi becomes glossy which indicates it is cooked well.  Add the ground mixture and stir well.  Keep in flame for 2-3 minutes.

6.  Meanwhile, extract juice from lemon.  It is better to do this at last, otherwise there will be a slight bitter taste from lemon due to the citric nature.  Switch off the stove and add the lemon juice.

7.  Let the mixture rest for sometime, say for 10 minutes.  

8. Spread a plastic sheet or clean white cloth under sun and with the help of small spoon/ladle, make small circles as shown below.

9. Let them get dried in hot sun for a day.  Next day, peel them off carefully and turn over to the other side and get it dried again under hot sun.

10. On the third day, dry it again.  By this time, the vadams would have become firm.  Store in air tight container.  Whenever it is required, fry it in hot oil.  Serve this as an accompaniment to any rice.

1. The mixture needs to be stirred often when kept in stove top.  Otherwise, it will be burnt.
2. The mixture gets thicker as it cools, so always pour it immediately after the resting time.
3. If the mixture gets thicker, add little warm water to the mixture and pour it.  Take care not to add too much of water as it will reduce the salty, tangy, and hotness and spoil the taste of fryums.

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