Thursday, March 5, 2015


If you ask Jr. H and DH at home whether they like me or my podi, the spontaneous unanimous reply from both of them would be “Podi”. Well, I am not saddened with this because it is same with me when I go to my mom’s place.  My mom is an expert in making all kind of powders.  When I grew up, I rarely help mom in kitchen in cooking but it has always been my job in grinding the powders after she has done the initial preparation.  She just leaves the kitchen to me and asks me to do the grinding part.  Unknowingly, this has taught me to know about the ingredient list for every recipe.  She shrewdly made myself to inherit her cooking skills without any extra effort, isn’t. 

When I started cooking, I should honestly say, she never taught me about the ingredient lists specifically for any recipe but on my own I can list out based on the little-to-no help offered to her.

Touching upon the title, you might be wondering how a powder can save a woman at home; it really does the magic at my home.  Jr. H eats his morning breakfast without any question if he sees the podi on his plate.  DH is very picky about food. He expects the main dish to be filled with apt side dishes every day.  Idly should always accompany with idly sambar but at times when he sees the podi in plate, he never questions me anything and just finishes silently.

Wish to pass on this hit list to the fellow readers to try out the magical success.

Bengal Gram (Channa dal) – 1 cup
Urad dal – 1 cup
Black Til – 1 cup
Hing – a small piece
Salt – as desired
Red Chilies – 25 (adjust according to your spice level) 


1. Heat a pan and add rock salt.  Keep in flame for half a minute and transform to a plate.  This will help to remove the moisture from the salt.

2. Dry roast all the ingredients one by one; black till until they splutter
 3.  Roast channa dal and urad dal until they change their color.


4. Add very little oil, add the asafetida and then red chilies.  Keep in flame for a minute and transform to a plate/bowl.

 4.  Grind the ingredients one by one after they have cooled down.  The texture of the mixture should be bit coarse for better results.
5. In a wide pan, mix the powder well to avoid any lumps.  Transform to an air tight container.

6.  Serve with hot idlys/dosa with little gingely oil/ghee.

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